Tiding you over…

Ok, I’ll be honest. I’m having some personal problems right now. This is not the format to share them, so all I’ll say is that I hope to get back to novel writing as soon as possible.

In the meantime, i thought I’d share one of the reasons i want to create my own living breathing galaxy.

Im a huge fan of the film oblivion (I’ve even reviewed it on this blog a couple years back (click here for that review).

I love how Joseph Kosinski got his graphic novel turned into a film. I love how he got a few huge names on board to act in it but, most of all, i love how enclosed it all feels. I love how hopeless it feels, almost all the way through.

It’s a story of love, of hope, of determination, and of finding freedom in a world trying to keep you down.

I love it. And it’s his perseverance in directing his own graphic novel – his own idea – and turning it into a rather fun, different take on an apocalyptic world that speaks to me as an aspiring author.

I will persevere with my ideas and stories until i produce something of the same quality. I truly adore the film Oblivion and enjoy listening to the soundtrack over and over.

The following video shows a huge slice of the film along with its main song.

I hope you enjoy it.. 


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