An update on my writing…

So, I’m writing a novel.


The working title of which is the namesake of this blog. But that is not why I write this post…

I’m working on a few shorter stories, all science fiction of course, but right now, I’m focused on one story in particular…

…Vanessa’s Betrayal…

I’m aiming for it to be a short story (15-30 pages) and it focuses on 2 main characters.

One is the ship’s first mate, Harding, who is the focal character of the story. The other, an AI called Vanessa, tries to help Harding escape the doomed vessel they’re trapped on.

The point of this story is to tell a tale of isolation and betrayal. But I want it to be a surprise (yes I know I’ve already told you). I want to pull the reader in and make them feel like they’ve been betrayed.

The result, the thing I want from this story, is that I want to pull the reader in and make them feel like they’ve been betrayed themselves. I want them to feel the hope of the situation right at the last minute. Just before the betrayal takes place…

I’ve given myself a bit of a tough task, I know, but I want to try and produce the best bit of suspense science-fiction I can.

I know it might be pretty poor, but they say that practice makes perfect!

If I can get it to a good enough standard to be proud of it, after many drafts, I will enter it into the Bridport prize competition!

I would like to enter a piece into 3 of their 4 categories. I have a Poem I’d like to enter already penned. Now I just have to finish this short story and come up with a 250-word flash-fiction story. The deadline for entries is May 31st, 2017 (for this year’s competitions) so I will aim to have these ready for then at the latest!

I will try to keep updates flowing, although I cannot publish any of the stories/poems I intend to enter due to competition rules!

Wish me luck!


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