Under the Sea… In Summary


If I’m true and honest this was not a perfect experience. There were issues with the frozen planet experience and the aptly named ‘Nemo’s Kingdom’ was a little underwhelming in its layout. That said the overall experience was as id hoped: Fun, informative, and highly interesting. There are truly some species at that aquarium that some people simply won’t ever see in the wild. In some cases, it won’t be long before some species become so rare [or worse], that no one will ever see them again…

I was disappointed to have missed their Japanese spider crab – one of my favourite species, but there was simply no end to the wonderfully exotic species they had scattered throughout the aquarium. Not to mention the quite amazing designs of their massive tanks; whale carcass replica and Easter Island statue to name but two. Once again I have to mention the great tour given by Hannah. It truly made the trip worthwhile, and was extremely informative and helps you understand the work done behind the scenes to make sure all of the beautiful creatures in the aquarium are healthy and happy.

I strongly recommend taking a day to go and visit this great London attraction. If you have children; you should most certainly take them as this is such a great way for them to experience some of nature’s most amazing creatures. There’s a type of fish for everyone and they have plenty of vibrant, stunning, and popular tropical fish like the children’s favourite Nemo [Clown fish, below].

I also cannot recommend the backstage tour enough. It is a pricey addition to an already pricey ticket but if you’re going to the aquarium you should take the opportunity to learn more about how the animals are kept and maintained.

I would hope that, by now – the beginning of May [one month after my visit], that the issues with the Frozen Planet experience are fixed, and seeing as it is May it won’t be long until they have penguins darting about the premises once more – A reason I shall be returning to this aquarium upon my next leisure trip to London.

Thank you for reading my plethora of posts about the London Sea Life Aquarium, and should you want to skip to my thoughts on specific zones, why not check out the short-links below?

Feel free to join in the discussion in the comments section below and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate in contacting me via the email on my ‘about me’ page!

Zones 1, 2, 3, 5 (Atlantic Depths, Ray Lagoon, Tidal Reach, Rock Pool)

Zones 4, 6, 7, 8 (Dive Discovery, Ocean Tunnel, Pacific Wreck, Nemo’s Kingdom)

Zones 9-12 (Sea Dragon Kingdom, Rainforests of the World, Thames Walk, Penguin Point)

Backstage Tour

Sea Life Aquarium, London – Official Site


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