Under The Sea… Part 2

A visit to the Sea Life Aquarium, London…

Zone 4 & 6 – Dive Discovery & Ocean Tunnel:

This is arguably the best zone in the aquarium. Zone 4 is based on the same tank as the ocean tunnel walks under so I’ve combined the two zones.

It’s an interesting take on an ocean walkway and one that is extremely popular (there was a bit of a wait). It’s not as long as I’d have liked, and the glass wasn’t as clear as I thought it would be (there was a lot of light glare). But it is still an extremely amazing experience to undertake, especially with turtles, rays and sharks swimming around above your head.


The schools of brightly coloured snappers, purple tangs as well as hundreds of other tropical fish – all as stunning as each other.

As you come to the exit there is an alcove area where the tunnel makes way for a floor-ceiling concave glass window. This allows you a full look into the tank from the bottom, and you really do get to appreciate the colour of the fish – as well as how lucky you are being able to see them up close.

Zone 7 – Pacific Wreck:

Your first image of this zone is a blurred giant head, around which swim a massive collection of shark species as well as some of the biggest fish you’ve ever seen.


This large shark tank is massive and truly awe-inspiring. With various species swimming around that giant Easter Island style head, they come across as truly menacing yet somehow still give off an aura of grace and beauty. You could spend hours just watching these sharks go about their business without becoming bored, it’s truly a mesmerising room.

Zone 8 – Nemo’s Kingdom:

This is the one area that kids of all ages will love. Especially any who’ve recently seen the ‘finding Nemo’ animated film.

From famous movie stars to the infamous destroyers of the Caribbean reefs there are clown fish and lionfish for all to see. This zone is by far the most vibrant and eye-catching of the lot.

However, It wasn’t perfect and, if I’m brutally honest, after the impressive displays that came before hand this section felt a little too like a pet-shops tropical fish section. The tanks seemed small and unassuming but, having said all that, it was a vibrant and rather beautiful section (from the colours of the fish to the urchins and anemones in the tanks with them).

One thing this zone did do well was catapult you onwards…


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